Instagram is a photo and video-sharing social networking service owned by Facebook, Inc

It took Instagram 3 days to return the data.

How can I request all information stored about me?

Go to this page and request a data export. You will get an email with a link to a zip file.

What data do I get? And in what format?

You will get a ZIP file containing a couple of JSON files and all your photos and videos. Including your stories.

  • 📁 profile
  • 📁 photos
  • 📁 stories
  • 📁 videos
  • 📄 comments.json
  • 📄 connections.json
  • 📄 contacts.json
  • 📄 likes.json
  • 📄 media.json
  • 📄 messages.json
  • 📄 profile.json
  • 📄 saved.json
  • 📄 searches.json
  • 📄 settings.json

How can I delete all information stored about me?

Open this page and select why you want to delete your account. Confirm it with your password and your account will be deleted.