Apple Inc. is an American multinational technology company

It took Apple 5 days to return the data.

How can I request all information stored about me?

Go to your Apple ID account page , scroll down to Data and Privacy, click on Manage your Data and Privacy and on the resulting page click on Get a copy of your data. There you can select what data you are interested in.

export data selection

The system will send you an email when it is done generating the files for you.

What data do I get? And in what format?

After a couple of days you will get a link via email to a download page. On that page I could download 11 zip files containing the data of a service offered by Apple.

These are the zip files I got:

  • 📁 Other data
  • 📁 App Store, iTunes Store, iBooks Store, Apple Music
  • 📁 Apple Online and Retail Stores
  • 📁 Apple-ID-Account- and device information
  • 📁 AppleCare
  • 📁 Game Center
  • 📁 iCloud Bookmarks
  • 📁 iCloud Calendars and Reminders
  • 📁 iCloud Contacts
  • 📁 iCloud Notes
  • 📁 marketing-communications

In most folders I found CSV files with my data, in some cases they used more specific file formats. PDFs for receipts, VCF for my contacts, ICS for my calendars and so on.

How can I delete all information stored about me?

Go to the Apple privacy page and click on Delete my account.